The marketing user is normally desk bound with various other communication channels 

The marketing administrator role creates and grants access to marketing user and assigns areas to the user.

The primary function of this role is to convert the lead into a customer and therefore only has access to the lead page. The user can see all current leads in the areas allocated by the marketing admin, which have been obtained by the various marketing channels.

The user can also create a new lead.

The user verifies and then "qualifies" lead data during the initial interaction with the lead.

During this interaction certain data can be updated and the location UID is associated with the lead.

At this point the lead is ready to be presented to the ISP's through the chosen channel when the area state changes to construction. If the area is already in construction or available, the lead is presented immediately.

As the lead moves through various state changes in the automated workflow, the user can see various new data and can inform the lead accordingly.

When the lead becomes connected, he is a customer and the purpose is complete